VR Expert Becomes ArborXR Distributor in European Markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR/AR hardware, has entered into an agreement with ArborXR to become an official distributor in key European markets.

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with ArborXR, the device management software for XR devices, to become an official distributor of the solution in key European markets.

ArborXR is a company built on providing device management software for VR and AR devices. ArborXR is unique in that it allows for complete content management, app deployment and version control remotely without any file restrictions. Along with this, ArborXR provides detailed device status and device grouping features. Further, the software comes with a built-in Kiosk Mode and a versatile Custom Launcher to provide customized user experiences.

The ArborXR software is one of the industry-leading device management solutions for VR and AR headsets. The software is compatible with a huge array of devices, including and not limited to the Pico Neo, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, as well as Vuzix M-Series lines of headsets. The software is also compatible with most Android-based devices and many more to come.

Brad Scoggin, Co-Founder & CEO of ArborXR, said:

“ArborXR and VR Expert share a mission to help companies scale XR. We are pleased to work with VR Expert to make it easy and more accessible for employees across Europe to experience the power of XR.”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:

“It is our goal to help organizations successfully use VR/AR solutions. Each VR/AR solution, in the end, consists of two components, A VR/AR device and the right software. To make it as easy as possible for organizations we wanted to offer the possibility of buying the hardware and software at one place. A part of that means offering the best in class software solutions like ArborXR. By providing clients with the ArborXR software, enterprises can more effectively than ever manage large amounts of devices in their IT system, opening new opportunities.”

The ArborXR software can be ordered directly through the VR Expert website. VR Expert also offers free trials of ArborXR. In addition to this VR Expert also offers additional services to support your rollout.

As an added bonus, VR Expert is also offering a 2.5% discount over the total price on all hardware and software bundle purchases. Organizations can profit directly from this limited-time offering by purchasing a VR or AR headset in combination with the ArborXR software.

About ArborXR
ArborXR is AR/VR mobile device management (MDM) software that allows enterprise companies to securely manage fleets of XR devices, deploy apps and files remotely, and control the in-headset experience. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and hundreds of independent software vendors to seamlessly manage devices, enroll and provision headsets, deploy apps and files remotely, and lock down the user experience with a Custom Launcher and Kiosk Mode.

About VR Expert
VR Expert is Europe’s leading provider of VR & AR hardware. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. With offices in Utrecht and Cologne. Our mission is to help companies successfully implement VR & AR hardware solutions. VR Expert focuses on service and perfect delivery. VR Expert provides VR & AR hardware advice, installation, support, and distribution services. VR Expert can configure your headsets, install your software, ship internationally, and optionally can be the first line of support for you VR & AR initiatives. Learn more on the VR Expert website.

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