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Roundtable Learning has been around since 1997 and has worked with major customers, including Target, BP, Amazon, Cox, Verizon, and more. They approach things very consultative and work with companies from pilot all the way through scale. Roundtable Learning won a Top 20 Company award for the Training Industry Magazine.

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Notable Customers:

Amazon, COX, Verizon, Target, Lincoln Electric, Aspen Dental, Lincoln Financial, BP, Home Depot, Pepsi, Kellog, Dollar General, Key Bank

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About Roundtable Learning

Roundtable Learning is here to help your business make the leap into the future of learning. We believe that learning should be an immersive, collaborative experience that both challenges and inspires employees.

We partner with organizations to design, develop, and deliver training programs that transform the way people learn. Our team of experts takes a collaborative approach to each stage of design and development so we can engage learners and make an impact.

As a full-service learning and development company focused on helping organizations build smart and effective training programs, we bring immersive virtual reality training to your employees and give you the tools to manage, report, and deliver it.

Use Cases

Aspen Dental Management Inc. Enhanced Patient Care

In 2019, with growing popularity and interest in dental implants from doctors and patients, ADMI’s clinical support team identified the need to provide education on dental implants to more Aspen Dental offices with the goal of offering treatment solutions that they believe are best for patients.

ADMI needed a streamlined, highly-interactive, and scalable training program on the entire implants process, from understanding how to track an order to implant restorative training for doctors. The ADMI Learning and Development (L&D) Team and subject-matter experts (SMEs) partnered with learning and technology experts at Roundtable Learning to create a custom-blended learning program for doctors and office personnel of Aspen Dental practices. Launched in January 2020, the implant education program utilized instructor-led training (ILT), eLearning, and 360° VR. Having measured doctor confidence pre- and post-training on a scale of one to ten, doctors scoring 9 or 10 out of ten increased by 34 percentage points and no one scored below 6. Increased doctor confidence resulted in significantly more patients having access to implant treatments, as trained offices offered the treatment 50% more than offices not yet trained.

Overall, since the implementation of the dental implants blended learning program, Aspen Dental offices and field staff have felt more confident consulting patients on the dental implants procedure. ADMI plans to continue to grow their dental implants treatment program so that more Aspen Dental offices can offer the treatment solution to their patients. The custom-blended learning program continues to align with ADMI’s learning needs, ensuring top-tier patient care and successful results, one smile at a time.

Lincoln Financial Group Reimagines Leadership Training

Lincoln Financial Group needed an accessible, and scalable leadership training program that incorporated their own leadership expectations with traditional leadership and diversity training from expert instructional designers.

Lincoln Financial Group partnered with Roundtable Learning to create a custom-blended training program for leaders with varying levels of experience. The goal of the program was to bring leaders together and allow them to learn from each other by sharing their own experiences. Launched in the Fall of 2020, this leadership training program included pre-work, virtual instructor-led training (VILT), 360° virtual reality (VR), and post-session activities.

According to the participants who have completed a mid-program survey, 99% agree or strongly agree that they will apply what they’ve learned from the training to their job. Additionally, 91% agree or strongly agree that they’ve gained new knowledge and skills from the training, while 86% are likely or very likely to recommend the training program to other leaders.


“Our company has been integrating mobile tablet technology into our Learning and Development programs since 2016. Through mixed reality, gamification and audio/visual technology, the engagement, retention and recall of our teams have improved dramatically. The next step in our tech evolution process was to take the tablet out of the classroom and into the field for increased hands on training and giving our teams a more realistic job preview process. The solution was our partnership with Roundtable Learning. Notwithstanding the incredible technology, the relationship that was built prior to drafting out our final product launch is why our training programs continue to improve.”
– Jayson Maxwell, Corporate Director of Learning & Development

“Since our implementation of the learning videos, we have reduced the time-to-floor with our associates. The training has created a more nimble workforce allowing flexibility in specific job-skilled areas.”
– Stacey Edwards, Superior Beverage

“[The project] has been very well received. Everyone loved the look and feel of the project and appreciated the interactivity. Most importantly, our secondary knowledge assessment has had stellar results. It will replace a two-hour instructor-led presentation, and has proven to provide better knowledge retention. I just want to say thank you again for all of your work and investment into our [project]. I hope we can work again on other projects.”
– Product Specialist and Project Lead, Varian 

“[The eLearning is] entertaining, educational, and precise, neither too much nor too little. I am confident at building rich baskets of product from all sides of the store. In fact, one of our product lines sold out within 48 hours of launching the curriculum! I asked the right questions, and followed through with an average of nine product purchases.”
– Retail Store Manager, Sally Beauty

Top Product Offerings

Custom VR/AR

At Roundtable Learning, we partner with organizations to build smart and effective training programs that utilize expert instructional design and technology. As a full-service learning partner, we create eLearning, and augmented & virtual reality training content to help your employees reach their learning objectives. VR training delivers realistic, interactive settings without real-world risk. VR delivers memorable experiences and skill applications, ensuring learner engagement, knowledge, and job retention. VR gives realistic job previews, providing clear expectations for any given role. Creates a safe learning environment. Remote access at any time.

Mercury XRS

Mercury XRS unleashes the full potential of your extended reality (XR) training by providing a 360 view of your training content. Mercury XRS allows you to manage, report, and deliver custom learning content on one web-based platform. Wireless training metrics are available through an online dashboard, allowing you to discover your training impact through measurable business results and calculate your ROI with ease. Assign and track training from anywhere in the world. Offline access allows learners to complete training anywhere while updates and reports sync when headsets reconnect to WiFi. Connect Mercury XRA to your existing LMS for seamless training management across modalities. Mercury XRS positions your team to create training that drives behavior change and improves employee performance. Install the Mercury software on the headsets and ship them anywhere on the globe. Admins can sign into the web portal and assign training content. Users can complete trainings while offline. Mercury connects the headsets to the web portal through an internet connection. Users log in to their accounts through the headset to complete activities. Lastly, managers use the Mercury XRS dashboard to track their employee’s progress and metrics.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: Yes

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

Notable Milestones / Awards:

  • Brandon Hall 2022 Learning & Development Gold in Best Advance in Compliance Training
  • Brandon Hall 2021 Excellence in Learning Gold in Best Use of Blended Learning
  • Brandon Hall 2021 Excellence in Technology Gold in Best Advance in Augmented Reality
  • Chief Learning Officer 2021 Bronze in Excellence in Blended Learning
  • Training Industry 2021 Top 20 Winner in Experimental Learning Technologies
  • Brandon Hall 2020 Excellence in Learning Gold in Best Use of Blended Learning
  • Chief Learning Officer 2020 Bronze in Excellence in Blended Learning

Type of Developer: AR, VR

Type of Content: Custom, Off-the-Shelf

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO, Magic Leap

Established: 1997
Headquarters: USA

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