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Vrex is a solution focused on democratizing digital construction plans, with VR. This platform automatically transforms a project’s BIM, CAD, or Point Cloud 3D scans into an immersive collaborative virtual construction site. The best part? It fits into every workflow in the industry and is accessible to every project member or stakeholder no matter what role or technical ability they have. This means companies don’t have to worry about the hassle of upskilling. If you’re considering VR for construction or engineering, we would recommend you start with them.

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Notable Customers:

Skanska, DPR, Chevron, Atkins Global, Tata, Takenaka

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About Vrex

Vrex is a way to communicate BIM and CAD construction plans in a way that everyone can understand in an intuitive way, and avoid costly rework down stream.

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Vrex is a process driven Virtual Reality solution, that works as a layer of accessibility on top of your project’s BIM and CAD tools and platforms.

It brings your 3D models and point cloud 3D scans together from various sources, and makes it available in a way that is intuitively understandable to everyone involved, throughout the whole project-lifecycle. Not only to construction engineers, but your extended team and stakeholders.

Step into the project together, for a shared experience in all phases of the project. Everyone involved in the project gets an intuitive view of the proposed solutions or challenges, regardless of their role, professional background or phase of the project.

No technical know-how or BIM experience is needed.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: No

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

Notable Milestones / Awards:

  • Used worldwide, across 50 countries.
  • Deployed and handled the world’s largest infrastructure project.
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 27001 compliant

Type of Developer: VR

Type of Content: Off-the-Shelf

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO, Lenovo

Industries: AEC, Energy / Oil & Gas

Established: 2015
Headquarters: Norway

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