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ArborXR allows us to manage our users, devices, and software in a simple, clean interface quickly and easily. We can now protect our IP and deploy to multiple devices while our users only need to put on their headset to access the latest available content.
If you want an enterprise-grade hardware management solution for your developers and customers, you need to check out ArborXR. An enterprise-grade solution with none of the hoops, strings, and walled gardens we usually need to work within.
With ArborXR, we’re able to look at the health of the headset and the software. We’re able to make immediate updates, replacing legacy files with new files if necessary. It’s easy for the client to get the latest and greatest version of the content that they’ve invested in.
ArborXR reduces our expenditure of time & resources by about 60%. We’re deploying to thousands of libraries around the country. There’s no way that we could do that humanly unless we had an entire team of people on it. ArborXR allows us to keep scaling without additional team members.

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