AR & VR Device Management Made Easy

It's not magic, but it sure feels like it.

Enterprise AR and VR Device and Content Management Platform

Bulk Device Provisioning

Provision Devices

Save time by provisioning multiple AR & VR devices simultaneously.

  • Provision multiple devices at once (a single PC can provision as many devices simultaneously as you have USB ports).
  • Save time and bandwidth by generating a configuration package.*
  • With one click headsets get apps, files, Wi-Fi configurations, and other device settings installed on device setup.
*coming soon
  • With supported hardware manufacturers, provision headsets at the factory.
  • This means headsets ship out with apps, files and settings pre-installed.
AR and VR Device Provisioning for Enterprise
Vive Focus Device Pairing
Pico G2 4K Device Pairing
Vive Focus Plus Device Pairing
AR and VR Device Provisioning for Enterprise

Use Almost Any AR or VR Headset

Manage AR & VR device policies and deploy content to a range of Android-based standalone AR and VR devices, including popular headsets like the HTC VIVE Focus 3, HTC VIVE Focus Plus, Pico Neo 3, Pico Neo 2, Pico G2 4K, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Vuzix M400, and more.

VR and AR Headsets

AR & VR Device Management

Group Devices

Organize AR & VR devices into groups, apply group settings, and install apps.

Groups save you time and help you organize & manage your AR & VR device fleet. With one click you can install apps or apply settings to all the devices in a group.

  • Remotely disable dev tools (USB debugging, ADB)*
  • Disable end-user access to settings within VR (requires use of ArborXR custom launcher)*
  • Remote factory reset*
  • Remote device shutdown*
*coming soon
  • Sort by device name or serial number
  • Filter by tag, device type, last online date, and version of Arbor installed on device

Create a library of Wi-Fi network configurations, then remotely deploy configurations to devices to remotely connect them to new networks.

AR and VR Device Groups

Monitor Health

See device details in a glance:

AR and VR Device Management Details

AR & VR Content Management

Upload Your Content

Upload & remotely manage a content library of apps and 360° videos.

  • Upload apps (apks) and files (mp4/360 video) to your content library
  • .obb support included with app uploads
  • No app or file size restrictions
  • Version management and rollback
  • Add notes to versions
  • Automatic build checking at upload to ensure new app versions meet Android requirements
  • Content self hosting (optional)
  • Deploy apps to either groups of devices or to individual ungrouped devices
  • Deploy files like 360 videos and configuration files to a specified path on the device
  • Version management, including support for version rollbacks
  • Real-time visibility on status of install, uninstall and deployment errors (e.g. no more storage space on device)
  • Both to internal organizations and external organizations
  • Includes version management
AR and VR Training Content

Deploy Apps

Install content, deploy updates, and track progress remotely.

AR and VR App Management

Spot Issues

Spot app & file deployment issues in real-time in the dashboard.

AR and VR device Management

Gain Insights

Gain insight into usage patterns and performance with analytics.

AR and VR Analytics and Management

Custom VR Content Launcher

Customize the Experience

Direct your end-users to the right apps with a Custom Launcher and Kiosk Mode.

  • Auto launch into specified kiosk app upon boot of device.
  • Locks down the device and prevents end users from accessing other apps.
  • Turns device into a single application “kiosk” device.
  • Pick what apps you want users to be able to launch.
  • Users can launch apps in-headset.
  • Admin can remotely display or hide apps and settings.
  • White label: Replace the logo and launcher background environment (360° image) with your own.*
*coming soon
Enterprise Kiosk Mode VR Content Launcher

Why Customers Love Us

ArborXR allows us to manage our users, devices, and software in a simple, clean interface quickly and easily. We can now protect our IP and deploy to multiple devices while our users only need to put on their headset to access the latest available content.
If you want an enterprise-grade hardware management solution for your developers and customers, you need to check out ArborXR. An enterprise-grade solution with none of the hoops, strings, and walled gardens we usually need to work within.
With ArborXR, we’re able to look at the health of the headset and the software. We’re able to make immediate updates, replacing legacy files with new files if necessary. It’s easy for the client to get the latest and greatest version of the content that they’ve invested in.
ArborXR reduces our expenditure of time & resources by about 60%. We’re deploying to thousands of libraries around the country. There’s no way that we could do that humanly unless we had an entire team of people on it. ArborXR allows us to keep scaling without additional team members.

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