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XR Device Management

Confidently Manage XR Devices at Scale

Set up a variety of VR and AR devices, configure settings, keep them up-to-date, and monitor your inventory.

Deploy XR Content

Remotely Deploy & Manage XR Content

Easily deploy apps and files to headsets, verify install status, and share content the way you want.

Headset Experience

Control What Users Can See & Do in the Headset

Self-guide users, customize the environment, moderate apps, and limit access as you see fit.

There's More

Security, Admin, and Support

Enterprise Security

Rest easy knowing ArborXR was built with enterprise-level security and in direct partnership with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Admin Control

Maintain complete control of your organization. Administer account settings, user permissions, billing, and more.

Friendly Support

Get the support you need with our in-depth knowledge base, customer support, and dedication to service uptime.

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