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“ArborXR is a must-have tool for app developers and their clients! An absolute game-changer.”

Scott Miller, CEO at Miller Creative

Trusted by 600+ XR App Developers Worldwide

ArborXR for XR App Developers & ISVs

ArborXR for XR App Developers & ISVs

Speed up your team's VR app development

Distribute apps more easily & reliably

Remove friction from pilot programs

Prepare you and your clients for scale

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“I’ve been waiting for years for a solution like ArborXR. Continuous VR app deployment & analytics has arrived! ArborXR provides a seamless experience for internal development, hassle-free remote updates, and detailed customer analytics per user that allows us to support our customers & partners in an unprecedented way.

Jerome Sidwell, Founder & CEO at Immersive History

Speed Up Your Team's XR App Development

Get feedback quickly by pushing new app builds remotely to your team so they can immediately test in VR.

“We use ArborXR on a daily basis to test new app builds. Our product management team and product development team interface through ArborXR by sending different app builds to departments for review, which is fantastic because it speeds up our development process dramatically as well as getting feedback internally.”

Jonathan Epstein, Head of Product & Strategy at Health Scholars

Distribute Apps to Customers More Easily & Reliably

Share VR apps with just a few clicks, and your customers can immediately install them.


“ArborXR has significantly reduced the amount of time we spend providing tech support. Our clients can easily download the latest builds to their headset and we can view the status of each device on a single dashboard. We feel more confident in the experience we deliver.”

Amy Stout, Chief Operating Officer at Futurus

Effortless VR Pilot Programs

In order for your business to grow, your client’s pilot programs need to be successful. ArborXR can help.

Remove Friction from Pilot Programs

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Prepare You and Your Clients for Scale

Companies are asking how to get started in VR. Help them plan for the future too.


“When working with 1-5 headsets, it’s easy to manage content. But once things scale, it becomes a mountain of a problem, a chasm you must bridge. ArborXR is the bridge we use to deploy content & manage devices.”

Chris Mallet, Co-Founder & CEO of Bodyswaps

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Manage AR & VR Devices

With ArborXR you can effortlessly manage XR devices with full control and scale XR deployments as large as you want.

manage ar and vr devices and scale with ease

Always Keep Apps Up-to-Date for Customers & Users

Customers easily install your VR apps over Wi-Fi with automatic updating.

Control What Happens in the Headset

Companies need better ways to control what happens in the headset. Keep users focused on your content with a customizable enterprise launcher.

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Know Who is in the Headset with in-VR Single Sign-On (SSO)

Verify who is in the headset and track user learning with in-headset Single Sign-On. When users put on a headset, they are prompted to sign in with their organization’s chosen SSO. App developers can implement ArborXR’s SDK to use the authentication token and also track user learning with events.

“We love ArborXR Home. It keeps things simple. Often people use our apps, it’s their first time ever using VR, so making sure the right content is right in front of them is really important. ArborXR Home makes it so they can’t miss what they need to do and is helpful for VR session facilitators.”

Rich Headley, VP of Product at Moth+Flame

What about my customer's existing device management solutions?

Legacy device management solutions (MDMs) don’t work well for AR or VR.

It quickly became clear that the unique needs of XR deployment really demand a platform designed for XR. We found ArborXR to be best of breed, with the most flexibility and the most useful feature set. Great & responsive support as well. I can recommend ArborXR without reservation.”
Devon Copley, CEO at Avatour

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • ArborXR gives tools for easy app distribution, app version management, and device management.
  • Many app developers use version management to quickly share versions of apps across departments for feedback, review and demo.
  • App developers that manage headsets for their customers can do so using ArborXR.
  • You can also distribute apps directly to organizations on ArborXR so that no file sharing or sideloading is required. Every subsequent update will push to your customer’s library.

There are no limits on the number of apps you can distribute.

There are no file size restrictions on ArborXR.

No. Pricing is based on tiered feature sets. See more here.

Yes! ArborXR’s CLI tool allows app developers to automate build uploads.

Yes. When adding apps to a device or to a group of devices, you can select which version to install.

Yes. Analytics provides more details. You can filter by device, app, or tags used.

All content licensing is handled by App developers. We provide a platform to easily distribute apps to your customers, while helping them manage XR devices and XR content.

You can sign up for a demo where we walk you through our platform, or you can skip ahead to account setup.

Have another question? Looking for more detail? Check out our Help Center!

Remove Friction from Pilot Programs

Get started free today.