Over the last several years we’ve talked to dozens of companies about VR & AR and we hear the same thing again and again.

Getting XR right is difficult, especially at scale.

The hardware is getting good, but it’s packaged for home users, not companies.  

Training content has proven incredibly effective in pilot programs, but going from pilot stage to full company wide deployment is nearly impossible.

The simplest of problems, like loading content becomes a nightmare when you have more than a few headsets.

Case in point, one company we talked to has an employee whose full time job during COVID is receiving headsets, plugging them into his laptop, updating an app or two and then boxing them and shipping them back to the proper employee.

Nobody likes spending hours sharing APKs via Google Drive, plugging in cables to sideload apps, or putting on headsets checking to see if apps are installed.

Existing MDM solutions are designed for managing phones, tablets, and laptops––not VR & AR devices. They give basic visibility on devices but everything else is manual.

Companies we talk to are looking for an easy way to remotely deploy apps to devices, remotely keep their apps updated across their devices, and, in some cases, remotely receive content sourced from external solutions providers.

We built ArborXR to solve these challenges.

With ArborXR, you can install content, deploy updates, and track their progress remotely.

Upload & build your library of content apps.

Manage your entire fleet of devices and have total visibility.

Get device battery, storage, and network status in a glance.

Direct your end-users to the right apps with Kiosk Mode or our Multi-App Launcher.

Checkout a demo video with a walkthrough of our product below:

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–The ArborXR team