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Remotely manage AR & VR devices, deploy content, and control what users can see and do in the headset.

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Everything You Need to Manage Your XR Fleet

Manage AR and VR Devices

Effortlessly manage AR & VR devices with full control, and scale XR deployments as large as you want.

Deploy AR and VR Content

Deploy AR & VR content with incredible flexibility, always keep it up-to-date, and monitor usage remotely.

Headset Experience

Lock down devices & guide users with a customized experience. Take back control with the ArborXR Home & Kiosk Mode.

In the News

ArborXR Announces Strategic Collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies

Manage AR & VR Devices

Effortlessly Manage AR and VR Devices with Full Control

Manage AR & VR Devices

Managing devices manually is challenging and legacy MDMs are restricting. ArborXR lets you confidently manage VR devices with complete control. Securely set up and configure a range of devices, update settings, and monitor your inventory.

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manage ar and vr devices and scale with ease

Scale XR Deployments

Remotely scaling XR devices is close to impossible. ArborXR allows you to easily manage unlimited VR or AR devices with bulk enrollment and mass configuration while keeping everything organized.

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“ArborXR powers more than 2,000 companies in the space; the company’s expertise speaks for itself.”

Scott Rawlings, Former Head of XR Business & AECO Industry Strategy at HP Inc.

Deploy AR & VR Content

Deploy XR Content Remotely with Incredible Flexibility

Deploy AR and VR Content

Plugging in cables to deploy content is tiresome and legacy MDMs are still less than ideal. ArborXR enables you to rapidly deploy XR content remotely with an amazing amount of flexibility. Host and deploy apps and files to headsets, validate install status, and easily share content the way you want.

Manage AR and VR Content

Reliably deploying content in the field is difficult, inefficient and costly. With ArborXR, you can remotely deploy and update content, keep it organized, and monitor usage.

“It quickly became clear that the unique needs of XR deployment really demand a platform designed for XR. We found ArborXR to be best of breed, with the most flexibility and the most useful feature set. Great & responsive support as well. I can recommend ArborXR without reservation.”

Devon Copley, CEO at Avatour

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Headset Experience

Lock Down XR Devices and Customize the Experience

ArborXR Home Launcher

The default VR environment is full of distraction and lacks control for admins. ArborXR lets you lock down device settings and eliminate user distraction. Guide users through the virtual world, moderate apps, and limit access as you see fit.

how to use kiosk mode with meta quest using arborxr to lock down the oculus home button

Single-App Kiosk Mode

It’s tricky to limit a headset to a single app and make it tamper-free. ArborXR lets you secure the virtual reality headset to a single app with kiosk mode. Provide a seamless experience while preventing tampering and restricting access.

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“We couldn’t have made our project work without ArborXR. ArborXR gave us a quick and easy way to create a robust kiosked VR experience.”

Joshua Higgason, Interactive Design at MIT

Do More with ArborXR

One solution to rule them all. Headsets over headaches.

Enterprise Security

Rest easy knowing ArborXR was built with enterprise-level security and in direct partnership with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Admin Control

Maintain complete control of your organization. Administer account settings, user permissions, billing, and more.

Friendly Support

Get the support you need with our in-depth knowledge base, customer support, and dedication to service uptime.

What's the Secret Sauce for XR Deployments?

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