Control What Users Can See & Do in VR

Fully lock down the device and guide users with a customized headset experience. Take back control with the ArborXR Home launcher and single-app Kiosk Mode.

Create an Effortless Headset Experience

ArborXR Home Launcher

The default environment is full of distraction and lacks control for admins. With ArborXR you can guide users, customize the environment, moderate apps, and lock down the headset as you see fit.

Help Users Guide Themselves

When users put on a VR or AR headset it should be effortless. Remove distractions and keep users focused with an intuitive experience that’s easy to use. ArborXR Home gives users an environment to launch, switch, and pause the applications you want them to.

Put Users in an Immersive Environment

Make users feel at home when they put on any XR headset by launching them into the ideal environment. Easily customize the app launcher with your own 360-image and replace the branding with your own.

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“We couldn’t have made our project work without ArborXR. ArborXR gave us a quick and easy way to create a robust kiosked VR experience.
Joshua Higgason, Interactive Design at MIT

Remote View

See exactly what users are seeing in the headset. Monitor progress in real-time, guide them through VR experiences, and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Only Give Access to the Apps They Need

Naturally guide users to the right apps. ArborXR Home lets you control the experience by choosing what apps to display or hide.

Never Give Up Too Much Control

Ensure users only have access to what they need. Restrict or limit settings, input controls, Wi-Fi, boundary system & more. Lock down further by placing advanced settings and the stock home environment behind a numeric PIN.

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Single-App Kiosk Mode

Limiting a VR or AR headset to a single app and making it tamper-free is tricky. Securely lock down the headset to a single app with ArborXR. Provide an amazing single-app experience while preventing tampering and restricting access.

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“We always dreamt of making a true end-to-end VR development, but deployment was always a huge challenge, not to mention updates we couldn’t guarantee that were successful. ArborXR solved all that by giving us a great kiosk mode, app update feedback.

Igor Macedo, Chief Technology Officer at IM Designs

Lock the Device to a Single App

Deliver a reliable self-service experience. Lock any headset to a single application and ensure it’s ready to go at all times.

Prevent Unwanted Tampering

Automatically launch the desired kiosk app and block users from accessing other applications or the default home environment.

Restrict Access as You See Fit

Fully lock down the device, disable the home button and limit access to device settings, boundary system, Wi-Fi, volume, and more.

Create an Effortless User Experience

Give your users an effortless XR experience from the moment they put on the headset by controlling what they can see and do.

What's the Secret Sauce for XR Deployments?

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Do More with ArborXR

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Manage Devices

Set up a variety of VR and AR devices, configure settings, keep them up-to-date, and monitor your inventory.

Deploy Content

Easily deploy apps and files to headsets, verify install status, and share content the way you want.

Enterprise Security

Rest easy knowing ArborXR was built with enterprise-level security and in direct partnership with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Admin Control

Maintain complete control of your organization. Administer account settings, user permissions, billing, and more.

Friendly Support

Get the support you need with our in-depth knowledge base, customer support, and dedication to service uptime.