Confidently Manage XR Devices at Scale

It's not magic, but it sure feels like it. With ArborXR you can effortlessly manage XR devices with full control and scale XR deployments as large as you want.

Everything You Need to Manage Your XR Fleet

Manage XR Devices

Managing devices manually is difficult and legacy MDMs are limiting. With ArborXR you can set up a variety of VR and AR devices, configure settings, keep them up-to-date, and monitor your inventory.

AR and VR Device Management Details
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“ArborXR enables us to look at the Wi-Fi connection strength, the battery health, and track our headset inventory in a streamlined and user-friendly way. Their platform helps keep the patient’s care uninterrupted and efficiently managed, thus improving our ultimate quality of care.”

Kirke Giedzinski, Logistics & QA at Karuna Labs

Easy Device Setup

Get devices set up in minutes, not hours. The ArborXR Device Setup App provides a fast and seamless way to pair VR and AR devices.

Work with Your Favorite XR Devices

Use almost any Android-based AR or VR headset with ArborXR. Including popular brands like Oculus (Meta), Pico, HTC VIVE, Vuzix, DPVR, and more. View our full list of supported XR devices.

Configure Settings Your Way

Remotely manage settings, Wi-Fi configurations, permissions, and deploy content directly to individual or groups of headsets. Get new devices running quicker by using a complete configuration package to directly load settings, apps, files, and more without using network bandwidth.

manage xr devices with nested groups

Control & Flexibility with Nested Groups

Your organizational structure is unique. Your deployment needs are ever-changing. Nested groups allow you to mirror your company’s real-world structure and manage devices in a way that makes sense at every step.

Nested groups offer a level of flexibility and control over your devices, while also providing a clear path for scale as your deployment grows. 

Always Keep Devices Up-to-Date

Keep devices secure and up-to-date by remotely monitoring ArborXR and headset updates. Then, manually update, or trigger updates remotely or on a schedule with supported devices.

Monitor Device Inventory

See device health and analytics at a glance. ArborXR tracks device serial number, storage, battery, network, location, session analytics, software version, custom device notes, and more.

Try ArborXR for Free

Don’t just take our word for it. Start using ArborXR free today.

Scale XR Deployments

Scaling XR devices remotely is nearly impossible. With ArborXR you can manage unlimited devices with bulk enrollment and mass configuration while keeping everything organized.

manage xr devices and scale xr deployments
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“Our enterprise customers can more effectively than ever manage large amounts of devices in their IT infrastructure, opening new opportunities. ArborXR has been a great tool for our team in managing events, allowing us to prepare hundreds of headsets in a fraction of the time compared to the hours it would cost in the past.”

Mark Cowles, Marketing Director at VR Expert

Add Unlimited Devices

Grow your fleet of devices without limits. From small teams to tens of thousands of headsets, ArborXR gives you the flexibility to add or remove devices as needed.

Smarter Bulk Enrollment

Efficiently scale VR and AR deployments with volume enrollment. Provision using USB, micro-SD card or have ArborXR pre-installed with supported hardware partners.

Optimized Mass Configuration

Get devices in the field faster by setting up all your devices at once. The ArborXR configuration package loads settings, Wi-Fi configuration, apps, files, permissions, and more to devices over Wi-Fi (USB coming soon).

Monitor Device Inventory

Stay organized and find devices faster with robust filtering, grouping or tagging. Then easily apply settings, updates, monitor analytics, or deploy content to the right device, or device groups, faster.

What's the Secret Sauce for XR Deployments?

See a live demo now and discover a better way to manage VR & AR devices.

Do More with ArborXR

One solution to rule them all. Headsets over headaches.

Deploy Content

Easily deploy apps and files to headsets, verify install status, and share content the way you want.

Headset Experience

Self-guide users, customize the environment, moderate apps, and limit access as you see fit.

Enterprise Security

Rest easy knowing ArborXR was built with enterprise-level security and in direct partnership with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Admin Control

Maintain complete control of your organization. Administer account settings, user permissions, billing, and more.

Friendly Support

Get the support you need with our in-depth knowledge base, customer support, and dedication to service uptime.