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virtual reality for meetings blog hero arborxr

Virtual Reality for Meetings: Collaboration at Scale

Discover how virtual reality technology can improve meetings, enhancing collaboration, inclusion, and productivity. From benefits to real-world use cases.

augmented reality in construction blog hero

Augmented Reality in Construction

Explore the benefits and applications of augmented reality (AR) in the construction industry. Learn how AR enhances projects from concept to completion.

ArborXR Announces Enterprise Content Directory, Helping Companies Discover Top XR Creators and Developers

ArborXR is proud to announce a curated XR app directory. The directory will connect companies directly with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) in enterprise, healthcare, and education.

augmented reality in education blog hero

Augmented Reality in Education: Examples, Benefits, & Use Cases

Discover the benefits of augmented reality in education, explore real-world use cases, and learn how you can incorporate AR into your own teaching practice.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and bodyswaps - innovating soft skills training with virtual reality thumbnail

Bodyswaps: Innovating Soft Skills Training with Virtual Reality

Discover the future of VR in education with Bodyswaps. Learn how VR elevates soft skills training, and how to implement VR technology effectively.

myndvr vr therapy customer story blog thumbnail

Customer Story: How MyndVR is Using VR Therapy to Transform Senior Care

MyndVR pioneers VR therapy for the aging population and partners with ArborXR to manage XR headsets, VR content, and the user experience for seniors worldwide.

5 benefits of virtual reality training blog hero image

What is Virtual Reality Training? 5 Benefits of Immersive Technology

Learn how virtual reality training provides an immersive, real-world experience that simulates hands-on learning in safe, controlled environments.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and vha

VHA: How Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing Veteran Care

Discover how the VHA is using virtual reality to improve the lives of veterans with pain management, mental health, and overall well-being.

benefits of augmented reality for training blog hero

Exploring the Benefits of Augmented Reality for Training

Meta: Explore the benefits of augmented reality (AR) for employee training. Learn how AR enhances engagement and improves learning outcomes.

virtual reality in education blog thumbnail

Virtual Reality in Education: The Next New Norm

Discover the benefits of VR in education, explore real-world use cases, and learn how you can incorporate VR into your own teaching practice.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and stanford

Stanford: How Immersive Technology Enhances Education

Erik Brown discusses how Stanford uses virtual reality for education, empathy in VR, challenges with creating and managing XR content, and more.

augmented reality in manufacturing

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing: Revolutionizing Operations and Unlocking New Possibilities

Discover how augmented reality (AR) is transforming real-world manufacturing processes by improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

How to Build Unprivileged Multi-Arch Images with Kaniko and Gitlab CI

Developer’s Journal: Building Unprivileged Multi-Arch Images with Kaniko and Gitlab CI

Written by Victor Agnew, Devops/Platform Engineer @ ArborXR

augmented reality in healthcare

Augmented Reality in Healthcare: The Future of Medical Technology

From surgical procedures to patient education, explore how augmented reality (AR) is inspiring innovation and transforming the healthcare industry.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and amazon aws

Amazon (AWS): Removing Friction from Enterprise XR

Stephen Curtis from AWS discusses how XR solves enterprise friction, advice for new adopters, XR content authoring, XR device management and more.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and westrock

WestRock: How XR is Accelerating Manufacturing

XR champion Scott Burkey discusses the impact AR and VR is having on manufacturing, challenges implementing new technology, and advice for using XR in business.

uses of augmented reality for enterprise blog thumbnail

5 Use Cases of Augmented Reality for Enterprise

Learn how augmented reality (AR) can revolutionize enterprises and help streamline enterprise business operations.

virtual reality for manufacturing blog hero image

Virtual Reality for Manufacturing: Use Cases for Productivity

Discover the benefits of using virtual reality for the manufacturing industry, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and pfizer

Pfizer: Transforming How We Train with XR

XR leader Nicholas Hockley discusses how XR transformed the way Pfizer trains, challenges with AR/VR content, moving from a pilot program to scale, and more.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and futurus

Futurus: Set Up XR Pilot Programs for Success

Futurus CEO Annie Eaton discusses creating AR/VR content, how to set up XR pilot programs for success, challenges in XR, advice for new adopters, and more.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and ups

UPS: We Know XR is Going to Work

Learn how UPS built XR training as a practice. We discuss using AR/VR in business, challenges and benefits of XR training, advice for new adopters & more.

xr industry leaders with arborxr and invista koch industries

INVISTA (Koch Industries): What if We Reimagined Our Entire Training Process?

Learn how XR is transforming INVISTA (Koch). We discuss using AR/VR in business, challenges and benefits of XR training, strategy to scaling XR adoption & more.

arborxr soc 2 type 2 certified

ArborXR Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance: Ensuring Enterprise-Grade Security for Customers

ArborXR has demonstrated strong controls around data security and privacy for enterprise customers by the highest standards in the industry.

ultimate guide to managing vr training for work hero image

Ultimate Guide to Managing VR Training for Work

To make VR training successful, companies need tools to manage VR devices, remotely install apps, and control the headset experience.

enterprise review of the meta quest pro blog hero image

Enterprise Review of the Meta Quest Pro Headset

The Meta Quest Pro is a new premium standalone headset with promising new features for AR and VR. However, there are still significant limitations for enterprise uses.

the importance of single sign-on for vr enterprise programs hero image

The Importance of Single Sign-On for VR Enterprise Programs

In-VR SSO is a game changer for enterprise and education, allowing admins to know who is in the headset and track user learning progress.

bodyswaps customer story thumbnail

Customer Story: Bodyswaps

Bodyswaps apps shift users’ perspectives, teaching vital soft skills for the workplace. But for their clients’ VR projects to grow, they needed a tool for scale.

arborxr and bodyswaps

ArborXR Announces Strategic Partnership with Bodyswaps to Scale VR Programs in Education and Enterprise

ArborXR announces a new partnership with Bodyswaps, an independent software vendor specializing in VR simulations for soft skills learning.

ArborXR Company Retreat 2022

ArborXR remote teams meet in Kentucky for vision and strategy, ziplining, hiking, Miguel’s “famous” pizza, and a taste of bourbon.

what meta's new account update means for enterprise blog

What Meta’s New Account Update Means for Enterprise

We dug into Meta’s new account update and its implications for new and existing deployments of Meta Quest headsets for enterprise users.

how to deploy content to meta oculus quest

How to Deploy Enterprise Content to Meta Quest 2

Plugging in cables to install apps is painful, as organizations scale from dozens of headsets to hundreds. Admins need a way to remotely deploy and update apps.

managing xr devices 3 challenges companies face with legacy mdms blog hero

Managing XR Devices: 3 Challenges Companies Face with Legacy MDMs

A look at 3 problem areas companies face when scaling from dozens of XR headsets to thousands and why legacy MDMs aren’t working for them.

what enterprise vr headset should I buy placeholder

What Enterprise VR Headset Should I Buy?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll face with a new XR deployment is finding which enterprise VR headset to buy. Here’s a guide to the best on the market right now.

arborxr team at blast and brew during awe 2022

AWE 2022, Keynotes, and Tikka Masala Pizza

We joined industry experts in AR & VR at AWE 2022, showcasing the freshest innovations and keynote addresses, all hosted in sunny Santa Clara. Plus, delicious food. Don’t twist our arm, we’ll come back next year.

7 Challenges Using Meta’s Oculus Quest for Business

Are you planning to use Meta Quest in business or education? Learn more about the challenges you may face deploying Meta Quest hardware for your VR project.

arborxr and qualcomm partnership

ArborXR Announces Strategic Collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Helping Companies Scale VR and AR Deployments

ArborXR announced today the company will work with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. on an extended reality (XR) mobile device management (MDM) platform, to make it easier for companies to scale virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR) headset deployments.

how to control the in-headset experience with meta quest

How to Control the In-Headset Experience with Meta Quest 2

Users can easily get lost in the default environment of Meta Quest 2, accessing web browsers, apps, and settings without restriction. VR launchers allow admins to control what users see and do in VR.

SOC 2 Compliance

ArborXR Announces It Is Now SOC 2 Compliant

ArborXR announced today that it has achieved SOC 2 Type I compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations also known as SSAE 18.

how to use kiosk mode with meta quest

How to Use Kiosk Mode with Meta Quest

Meta Quest is a great standalone headset, but it has very real challenges for companies and schools. Learn how to manage the Meta Quest with kiosk mode.

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, and Tasty Tapas

Industry-leading VR device manufacturers, technology partners, and Spanish tapas. It didn’t take much to convince the team to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

ArborXR to License Technology Powering HP Inc.’s AR & VR Device Management Platform, ExtendXR

ArborXR, the leading AR/VR device management company, will license its technology to power HP Inc.’s new extended reality (XR) device management platform, ExtendXR.

VR Expert Becomes ArborXR Distributor in European Markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR/AR hardware, has entered into an agreement with ArborXR to become an official distributor in key European markets.

Why Your MDM Won’t Work for AR & VR Devices

If you’re working on a deployment of AR or VR headsets at your company, and wondering if your existing MDM will work… this article is for you.

ArborXR Partners with Axon in Major Deployment of VR for Public Safety Training

ArborXR, an enterprise augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) device management and content distribution platform, has announced that it is teaming up with Axon, a global provider of connected public safety technologies, to deploy VR training technology.

The Biggest XR Event of the Year is Finally Here!

The biggest enterprise XR event of the year! We’re a gold sponsor with two jam-packed keynote presentations. If you are attending, we’d love to see you. Come drop by booth 400 and say hello!

How ArborXR Helps Digital Twin Studios Manage Devices and Deploy Content for Virgin Hotels

Customer Story: Digital Twin Studios & Virgin Hotels

DTS is partnering with Virgin Hotels to create virtual content for training hotel staff. They needed a solution to help them deploy content to VR headsets in a way that’s scalable and efficient.

ArborXR & Matts Digital Announce Partnership to Provide Frictionless, Scalable AR/VR Technology

ArborXR, the leading enterprise AR/VR device management and content distribution platform, and AR/VR solutions distributor, Matts Digital, today announced a partnership to provide frictionless extended reality (XR) solutions at scale in Europe and beyond.

How to put VR headset in developer mode

How to Enable Developer Mode on Your VR Device (Oculus Quest & More)

Learn how to put your VR headset in developer mode, including: Meta Quest Pro, Oculus Quest 1, Meta Quest 2, Oculus Quest 2, PICO G2 4K, PICO Neo 2, PICO Neo 3 Pro, PICO 4 Enterprise, HTC VIVE Focus Plus, and HTC VIVE Focus 3.

ArborXR Celebrates Successful Completion of Series A

ArborXR, the leading enterprise AR/VR device management and content distribution platform, today announced the completion of a Series A funding round.

How to put VR headset in Kiosk Mode

How to Enable Kiosk Mode on Your VR Headset

Learn how to enable Kiosk Mode on your VR devices, including: HTC VIVE Focus 3, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 3, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Quest 2.

XR Libraries integrates virtual reality into schools and libraries.

Customer Story: XR Libraries

VR management has unique challenges for content creators and organizations, but with ArborXR, you can handle content deployment and updates seamlessly.

How End-User Empathy is Vital to 3D Media’s Success

Case Study: How End-User Empathy is Vital to 3D Media’s Success

Interview with Daryl Roy, Co-Founder & CEO at 3D Media, and Jordan Williams, Co-Founder & COO at ArborXR.

Benefits of XR for the Remote Workplace

Benefits of XR for the Remote Workplace

When you embrace XR technology in business, your company will be able to deliver unparalleled experiences that people will never forget. With immersive technologies, employee training can be an efficient, exciting process that increases knowledge retention and reduces overall costs.

Official ArborXR Product Demo Hero

Official ArborXR Product Demo

Watch the official ArborXR product demo to learn how you can start scaling your XR deployment with confidence & ease today!

Introducing ArborXR

Press Release: SpringboardVR Founders Launch ArborXR Following Sale of LBE Platform

SpringboardVR Founders Launch Enterprise-Focused Company ArborXR Following Sale of VR Arcade Platform to Vertigo Games