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Our Mission
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Our mission is to help people live more meaningful lives through the power of XR. To give them time to be more present. For purposeful work, deeper relationships, and a better world.

Humble Beginnings

How It All Started

We put on a VR headset for the first time in 2016 and were struck with a simple idea. “VR is going to change the world and we want to be part of shaping it for good.”

Six weeks later we opened the first VR Arcade in the midwest and realized the need for software in a commercial setting. We built a device management platform and launched in 2017.

Over the next 18 months we became the market leader in Location-Based VR Entertainment with customers in 40+ countries. In 2020, with five years of experience in scaling XR globally, we narrowed our focus to enterprise.

Our fully remote team (US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands) is building ArborXR, a device management platform used by companies, OEMs and hardware manufacturers.

We’re making it easy for companies to scale so that everyone can experience the power of XR.

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Our Mantra

Five years ago we started with the conviction that VR was going to change the world. But it needed to be frictionless and simple to scale… that’s why we built ArborXR.
The People Behind ArborXR

Meet the Team that Makes ArborXR Possible

We’re a fully remote team with employees in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Life At ArborXR

We believe healthy people build better products.

Our mission is to build products that help give people their time back so they can spend more time with real people and less time in front of a screen. Our team culture reflects this. Slack is pretty quiet on the weekend and napping is encouraged.

Our Core Values

In 2020 we got together as a team and asked the question, “what describes our current team culture?” We wanted core values that reflected our daily reality––not ones we’d put on a plaque.

People First

Own the Outcomes

Think Big

It's All in the Details

Our Core DNA as a Product Team

We focus on solutions to real world business problems rather than just building features.

We talk to our customers constantly.

We don't assume all of our ideas will work, so we test and prototype before we code.

We believe our engineers are one of the best sources of innovation.

Our True North

The Why Behind ArborXR

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Our vision for the future is where people use XR in very specific and limited ways. Where XR is used as a tool, not as an escape. What might that look like?

We believe that XR should lead to deeper relationships, giving us our time back to be more present––not less. That it should ultimately enhance life and lead to individuals and communities flourishing.

Our vision for XR is a future where people use XR in very specific and limited ways. Where XR is used as a tool, not as an escape.

What might that look like?

We are already seeing an explosion of these kinds of applications. Groundbreaking medical advances. VR therapy for PTSD, architectural simulations, 3D engineering, pain management without pills, aircraft simulators and more.

XR can help pilots train faster, engineers collaborate more effectively and doctors save lives.

We are aware that this vision differs from the driving visions of major tech players.

The fundamentals of the attention economy mean that the more hours you can control someone’s eyeballs, the more money you make.

Spencer Hunt, from 20th Century Fox put it this way. “The future of XR is not about a gadget at all, it’s not about taking us to other places, or shooting zombies or playing ping pong with friends. Today’s XR industry leaders are making a land grab, they are making these investments for more than sales of hardware and software, they are truly looking to be a part of our soul.”

XR has the potential to be the most distracting and soul-sucking technology ever invented.

Part of our mission at ArborXR is to be a countervailing force in the industry, to align with like-minded organizations and to be a “force for good” as this new technology develops.

– The ArborXR Team

Our Identity

What’s in a Name?

Arbors are quiet places within a garden where people can sit and have conversations or reflect on life. They are places where you find meaning and learn to be present. Trees enrich the air and soil, shape the water cycle and sustain life.

These themes connect with both our vision and our culture.

Our vision is to help people live more meaningful lives through the power of XR. We believe XR should give us our time back and make us more present, not less. That it should deepen relationships and enhance life, not distract from it.

Our culture encourages putting people first. Family is important and we don’t justify sprinting. We are a startup, but we don’t grind like a startup.

Let's Do Great Things Together