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About XR Industry Leaders

The best enterprise XR advice from pioneers like Walmart, UPS, Amazon, and many more. Each episode of the XR Industry Leaders with ArborXR podcast is an opportunity for XR champions and pioneers to reflect on their organization’s journey with XR. Hear answers to questions like, what are the challenges organizations face using extended reality (XR) in business? What impact is XR having in enterprise? How do VR app developers approach creating content for business and education?

Listen in as XR Industry Leaders discuss the challenges and solutions unique to XR in enterprise and education, how to increase XR adoption, how immersive technology is changing the way we work and learn, and the future of XR.

xr industry leaders with arborxr hosts

This podcast is hosted by ArborXR co-founders Brad Scoggin and Will Stackable, who have worked with thousands of companies in XR since 2016. Each interview focuses on lessons learned from creating a successful virtual reality (VR) pilot program. You’ll hear insights into the biggest pain points to scaling XR programs in organizations. You’ll learn from leaders in major companies worldwide that are using XR to change the way their organizations train, collaborate and work.


INVISTA (Koch Industries): What if We Reimagined Our Entire Training Process?

We dig deep with Dane Laughlin, Operations Transformation Product Leader at INVISTA, a Koch Industries subsidiary. Dane has been implementing AR/VR solutions for years and specializes in immersive, emergent technology.

UPS: We Know XR is Going to Work

For UPS, XR is no longer proof-of-concept. It’s essential for business. Virtual reality changed how UPS trains its workers, saving countless hours in training and millions in labor costs. But how did they get there? Interview with Mark Gröb, Head of Immersive Technology at UPS.

xr industry leaders podcast with arborxr and futurus

Upcoming Episode


In this episode, Brad and Will interview founder and CEO Annie Eaton of Futurus. They discuss the startup journey, how to be successful in VR/AR pilot programs, common pain points for organizations using XR, measuring the impact of XR in business, and more.

With Annie Eaton, CEO and Co-Founder at Futurus
Available: February 2023

xr industry leaders podcast with arborxr and pfizer

Upcoming Episode


How do you take a pilot project for immersive technology and introduce it to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world? Pfizer’s Smart Factory Technology Manager, Nick Hockley, says it comes down to one word: “Consistency.”

With Nick Hockley, Smart Factory Technology Manager at Pfizer
Available: February 2023

xr industry leaders podcast with arborxr and westrock

Upcoming Episode


How do you show the impact of XR to leadership and veteran employees who are used to more traditional methods? How do you handle the challenges of scale once you see an XR pilot program succeed? We dive deep into these questions with Westrock’s Scott Burkey.

With Scott Burkey, Technology Fellow at Westrock
Available: March 2023

xr industry leaders podcast with arborxr and amazon aws

Upcoming Episode

Amazon (AWS)

With Stephen Curtis, Senior Prototyping Architect for Spatial Computing at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Available: March 2023

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