Episode Summary

Dive into the dynamic world of extended reality (XR) with Lenovo’s Vishal Shah and Jason McGuigan as they unravel Lenovo’s new enterprise XR solution: the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX. Uncover how Lenovo’s commitment to an open ecosystem, driven by partnerships with Qualcomm and Snapdragon Spaces, is shaping a new frontier in XR technology.

Vishal Shah (GM AR/VR) and Jason McGuigan (Head of Commercial VR) discuss Lenovo’s unique approach to XR, prioritizing the enterprise from the ground up. Learn how the VRX is a product designed solely for enterprise applications and stands apart from products retrofitted for gaming and consumer use cases. Lenovo’s strategic focus on not competing with solution providers but rather fostering a thriving partner ecosystem sets a new standard in the XR industry.

Jason McGuigan shares insights from the front lines, observing a surge in XR adoption across industries. This rise is not just about flashy trends but practical, long-lasting applications, notably in training and collaboration, that have found a sweet spot in various sectors.

Unveiling the transformative power of generative AI, Jason discusses its increasing role in content development, potentially revolutionizing the scale and scope of XR applications. This technological synergy hints at a future where hyper-personalization in education and training becomes a reality, thanks to the convergence of XR and AI technologies

Lenovo’s vision extends beyond the hardware, focusing on creating intuitive, user-friendly solutions that bridge the gap between current challenges and a future where XR is ubiquitous. This episode offers a unique perspective on Lenovo’s strategic roadmap, exploring how they facilitate end-to-end XR solution deployment and scaling, ultimately driving digital transformation across industries.

Key Moments

  • Lenovo’s approach and the ThinkReality VRX (05:12)
  • Lenovo’s differentiator and how they built the VRX (08:30)
  • How Lenovo embraces an ecosystem of partners (12:50)
  • Market trends and where Lenovo is seeing the biggest uptick (17:00)
  • Generative AI (20:28)
  • You’re not buying a device, you’re buying a solution (24:20)
  • Bridging the gap (29:38)
  • Easy access to content with Demo Apps (34:08)
  • Lenovo’s partnership with Formula One (39:42)
  • Outro (41:54)
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Scott Burkey
Technology Fellow at WestRock

About the Guests

Vishal Shah is currently the General Manager of XR (AR/VR) and Metaverse at Lenovo. In his role, Vishal has global responsibility of all aspects of Product Management, Sales, Marketing and Operations for the XR/Metaverse group. He is responsible for managing the portfolio of ThinkReality XR solutions, an industry leading end-to-end solution that powers the Enterprise Metaverse. This includes the award-winning ThinkReality A3 smart glasses, Mirage VR S3 for enterprise VR solutions, and that the ThinkReality Platform, which is among the first truly device- and cloud-agnostic XR platforms to enable commercial customers to build, deploy, and manage applications and content on a global scale, with global support.

Jason McGuigan is the Head of Commercial Virtual Reality at Lenovo. He is responsible for the organization’s current and future strategy for developing VR solutions across hardware, software, and partnerships. His focus is on driving enterprises to scale their adoption of VR in training, collaboration, and metaverse presence. Jason has over 20 years of experience in immersive and traditional media leadership and technology. Within the software realm, he has led, designed, created, directed, and produced high-quality VR experiences and media products for clients including Lenovo, National Geographic, IBM, The Home Depot, BASF, Disney, and many others. A deep understanding of the hardware and technology behind VR started over 35 years ago when he built his first PC. It has continued to evolve throughout the early days of immersive technology as he consulted on VR hardware solutions for many companies such as Gulfstream and General Motors. He is a regular speaker, thought leader, and advocate in the VR/AR space and has presented at industry conferences as well as unique venues like Skywalker Ranch and NASA.

Episode Transcript

Brad Scoggin: Hey there, welcome to “XR Industry Leaders” with ArborXR. My name is Brad Scoggin, and I am the CEO and one of three co-founders of ArborXR. And we’ve had the opportunity of working with thousands of companies since 2016, and we’ve learned a ton about what it takes for XR to be successful in your organization.

Will Stackable: And I’m Will Stackable, co-founder and CMO. This podcast is all about interviewing the leaders who are on the ground making XR happen today. True pioneers in the space from Amazon, Walmart, and UPS to Koch, Pfizer, and beyond to uncover the pitfalls, lessons learned, and secrets that you can use to help grow XR in your organization.

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