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Volkswagen, Deloitte, TH Köln, LEFX, XRintelligence, Usaneers

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Use Cases

Revolutionizing Technical Training in VR
When it comes to technical training, the challenge is to provide employees with realistic and engaging experiences that allow them to develop their skills without putting themselves or others at risk. This is where virtual reality (VR) training comes in.

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Streamlining Enterprise VR Training Development
Agencies that build training applications for large companies often face the challenge of creating solutions that are effective and efficient, while also being quick to develop and easy to customize. As large companies often have different training processes and protocols in different locations, it can be difficult to create an application that can be scaled and modified easily. Furthermore, the need for specialized developers and technical instructors can drive up development costs.

Our partner LeFx, recently had the opportunity to collaborate with DB Schenker in such a project, but how did they solve it?

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Increasing Engagement in Virtual Reality Creation
As virtual reality technology advances, more educators are integrating it into their curriculum. However, creating a VR experience can be daunting for students, who may lack the hardware and programming knowledge needed to do so. This case study highlights the successful implementation of a workshop aimed at increasing engagement in virtual reality creation using VR Builder.

Students are often disengaged with VR due to the perceived complexity of the technology. Creating a VR experience requires high-end hardware and deep programming knowledge, which can be intimidating and overwhelming for students.

The workshop has been implemented at Campus Fonderie de l’Image to allow students to test VR Builder demo, and then use the toolkit to start working on their own VR experiences. The tool allows for easy and quick creation of VR interactions on Unity without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

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“VR Builder provides us with the possibility to create VR applications in a simple way and allows us to establish a real-time SAP connection. By simply adapting the virtual world, we can react individually and quickly to customer requirements.”
– Susanne Leiterer, Solution Engineer SAP Warehousing at Deloitte

“VR Builder significantly helps streamline the process of creating VR training applications. It allows us to deliver training content at enterprise scale while saving a tremendous amount of time.”
– Tom Micklich, Managing Director at LeFx

“Thanks to the clear visual editor, VR Builder allows me to implement complex process logic for my different use cases with ease. I especially value VR Builder’s capabilities to provide audio and visual guidance to users in VR.”
– Raphael Palombo

“VR Builder truly transcends the competition. The user-friendly and intuitive visual nodes streamline the process, allowing for rapid development without any coding required. A must-have tool for aspiring VR developers.”
– Nicolás Cabello, Project Coordinator

“This plugin took my VR project timeline from a month to a week! Without this tool I would have had a much harder time getting buy-in from stakeholders for VR!”
– Jared Pinargote

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VR Builder

Free Unity plug-in for VR development.

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ArborXR Demo Available: No

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Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

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Type of Developer: Authoring Tools, VR

Type of Content: Custom

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO, Lenovo


Established: 2021
Headquarters: Germany

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