Healthy Mind

Healthy Mind is a digital therapeutics company combining neuroscience and advanced technology with the goal to design therapies in virtual reality for mental health, as well as pain and anxiety management.

Our flagship solution, HealthyMindVR, is a certified medical device crafted with our scientific committee consisting of top renowned healthcare professionals and researchers in Europe and USA.

With a track record spanning over six years and 14 published clinical studies, our solution has been successfully deployed in over 300 corporations, and healthcare institutions across 30 medical departments in more than 10 countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, and UAE, positively impacting over 200,000 patients with effective, evidence-based medical treatments.

Notable Customers:

Alstom, Saint-Gobain, Biogen, CNP Insurance, NHS England, Dubai Health

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Saint-Gobain Testimony

Saint-Gobain is a French publicly traded company with a revenue of 51,2 b€. Since 2020, Saint-Gobain’s Occupational Health Department has been offering its collaborators virtual reality relaxation sessions with our Healthy Mind device.

Their goal: Improve working conditions and offer employees a moment of relaxation in a conducive environment.

Organization: To take part, collaborators register online on the company intranet for 20-minute slots.


  • Increase in motivation, concentration, and relaxation
  • Decrease in stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Did you find the experience positive? 9.1/10
  • Would you be interested in regular practice? 8.6/10
  • Would you recommend this practice to a colleague? 9.4/10


“I highly recommend making it available to all employees, in the form of self-service, with or without a subscription, for regular practice.”
– Saint-Gobain

“We have performed several knee prosthesis surgeries under combined spinal anesthesia and Healthy Mind’s therapies without the need for additional sedation. Patients were delighted with the experience and reported not perceiving pain and the surrounding sounds. After the intervention, the recovery was also faster, and the stay in the post-interventional surveillance room was shortened.”
– APHP (biggest group of public hospitals in France)

“We had the opportunity to test Healthy Mind VR throughout the establishment. After receiving very positive feedback, we went ahead with the purchase and now have multiple headsets to use across our sites. This is an amazing piece of technology that takes you to a completely different world where you forget all your stress and anxiety. It’s really nice to see this type of technology working in our hospitals. We had a girl who had a phobia of needles. We’ve seen a procedure go from 2 hours to a few minutes without the need for sedation. That means less time for the clinicians, less stress for her and her parents.”
– NHS England

“The tool is user-friendly, with a very intuitive setup. Patients value the opportunity to use the tool during surgical procedures. Very positive feedback has been been received across the board from patients.”
– CHUV Lausanne (Switzerland)

“Since the arrival of the virtual reality headset at our psychiatry departments, we have been offering residents the chance to try it out. Sessions are offered on a regular or occasional basis, depending on their therapeutic needs. We have observed very beneficial effects among the concerned residents such as anxiety and stress relief after the session, a sense of satisfaction, a good impact on the mood, a positive expression and a desire to renew the experience. These residents also see their cognitive functions stimulated (language and memory).

The objectives of the sessions have evolved since the arrival of Healthy Mind VR:

  • Reduce anxiety disorders and, consequently, reduce certain behavioral problems linked to anxiety
  • Alleviate depressive symptoms by allowing residents to take a virtual journey away from monotony and feel less confined
  • Stimulate cognitive functions, in particular autobiographical memory and language”

– Clinalliance (group of nursing homes)

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Our flagship product, HealthyMindVR, is a certified medical device crafted to reduce pain and anxiety and risks of burnout at work and in hospital settings before, during, and after medical procedures, significantly improving the overall patient experience, and enhancing mental health.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: No

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, APAC, EMEA 

Type of Developer: 360 Video, VR

Type of Content: Custom

Device Support: PICO

Established: 2017
Headquarters: France

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