Learnroll is a small business provider of immersive primary healthcare ed-tech SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud enabled solutions, leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and XR (Extended Reality including 360, 3D, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality) and Voice based technologies.

With a focus on training both clinicians & patients, we empower healthcare providers to deliver personalized, advanced care, driving improved outcomes and transforming the future of digital health revolutionizing solutions in education & training, disease management, rehabilitation, and real time assistive AI diagnostics tools.

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ArborXR Demo Available: No

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America 

Type of Developer: 360 Video, AR, VR

Type of Content: Custom

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta

Established: 2017
Headquarters: USA

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