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PNX Labs stands as a global tech leader, focusing on crafting industrial and scientific simulations via XR technologies such as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. Leveraging our profound expertise in science and engineering, we produce unparalleled XR solutions for diverse applications, from industrial training and CAD design to manufacturing enhancement, industrial assessments, college STEM education, and advanced education.

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Notable Customers:

CEMEX Global, Lufthansa, GE, Savannah State University, Lamar University, Florida International University, Dublin City University, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Carleton University

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Use Cases

SETU Ireland’s Revolutionary Virtual Labs for Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Education
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Florida International University Leaps into the Future with PNX Labs’ Virtual Labs for Mechanics of Solids and Fluid Mechanics
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VR Training Program for Cement Production
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PNX Labs and Metalsa Mexico Collaborate on Groundbreaking Die Tool Scrap Simulation
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PNX Labs and XDM3D Ink Landmark Partnership: Merging XR Simulations with Metal 3D Printing
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Elevating Cement Production Training through VR Technology: The Cemex Initiative
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PNX Labs Breaks New Ground with VR Welding Training Developed for Prolec General Electric
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Customer Testimonials

“At Florida International University, our commitment is to equip students with top-tier educational tools. PNX Labs, with their dual expertise in VR/AR and relevant subject matters, became our chosen partner for engineering virtual labs. The journey from conceptualization to execution was seamless, and the resulting quality exceeded our expectations. We’re eager to further explore PNX Labs’ innovative solutions.”
– Dr Meer Safa, Undergraduate Lab Manager and Safety Manager, Florida IU

“PNX Labs has revolutionized our approach to metal 3D printing education. With the complexity and potential hazards of the aconity 3D printer, their virtual simulations provide a groundbreaking way to instruct students safely. Their dedication to educational excellence and engineering expertise is truly commendable.”
– Dr Muhannad Ahmed Obeidi – Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Materials Science, Dublin City University

“PNX Labs offers top-tier VR simulations, proving invaluable in our industrial engineering education. The ability to educate more students concurrently and more efficiently has been transformative. It’s evident that gamified learning, as provided by PNX Labs, is reshaping the future of education.”
– Dr Francisco Tamayo Enriquez, Doctorate and Masters Professor Tecnológico de Monterrey

“Training engineers and technicians at CEMEX is both crucial and costly, with high stakes for errors. This led us to PNX Labs, renowned for their engineering and manufacturing acumen. Their innovative solution for cement production training has successfully been adopted in over 20 of our international locations. Collaborating with PNX Labs and their Virtual Reality technology has been a game-changer for us.”
– Eduardo Gonzalez – Digital Transformation Director at CEMEX

“In our pursuit of integrating cutting-edge virtual education technologies, we sought a dependable partner. PNX Labs proved to be exceptional in enhancing our mechanical engineering curriculum. Thanks to their solutions, our students learn more efficiently, with the flexibility to revisit experiments. Our collaboration with PNX Labs, especially their bespoke virtual labs, has been seamless and unparalleled.”
– Hans Moolman – AR/VR Research Fellow – MTU, Kerry

Top Product Offerings

Custom STEM Virtual Labs

With our platform we can develop any College Engineering lab in 2-3 days. Our team has developed over 1000 College labs ranging from Fluid Mechanics and Materials Science to Advanced Physics, Chemical equipment and Biotechnology.

Contact us so we can develop a free demo tailored to your needs so we can visualize together how you can benefit from our Virtual Labs.

Engineering Mechanics Virtual Labs

Unparallel Virtual Simulations for Mechanical Engineering. Simulations of a wide range or instruments and materials. Some of the simulations are VR and Windows simulations of Universal Test Machines, Torsion, Tensile and Compression tests, Impact, Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers tests. Euler Buckling, Poissons Ratio and Beam Bending.

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Heat Exchanger, Pumps in series and parallel, pressure drop in pipes, flow measurement, combined convection and radiation, Centrifugal pumps, Drag and Lift forces, Transient Heat Transfer and More.

Industrial and Scientific Equipment Training Virtual Labs

With our platform we can simulate any industrial setup, equipment for training and education. Our team has 20+ years experience in the manufacturing industry and with a strong background in Science and Engineering we can develop the best virtual solutions for your organization.

Contact us so we can develop a free demo tailored to your needs so we can visualize together how you can benefit from our Virtual Labs.


PNX Cad XR is a Virtual Reality inspection software that enables immersive manipulation and analysis of 3D models. This accelerates problem identification and reduces design errors, allowing for more iterations and fewer prototypes. The software offers a range of functionalities, such as dismantling pieces, sectioning, measuring, changing materials, scaling up or down, applying light sources, and adding annotations and photos. These features make it easier to interpret 3D model volume and accelerate product validation.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: No

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

Notable Milestones / Awards:

  • ISO 27001

Type of Developer: AR, VR

Type of Content: Custom, Off-the-Shelf

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO, Lenovo, DPVR

Established: 2016
Headquarters: Germany

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