Reulay is an AI-powered mental wellbeing platform founded by MIT, Princeton, and Harvard researchers.

Backed by neuroscience and validated with Mayo Clinic, Reulay offers a digital-first point of care for mental wellbeing to reduce stress and enhance focus.

Learn why leading organizations are prioritizing employee wellbeing including Bank of America, XFL, and the US Veterans Affairs at

Notable Customers:

Bank of America, XFL, US Veterans Affairs

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Device Compatibility: PICO

Reulay is an AI-powered mental wellbeing platform founded by MIT, Princeton, and Harvard researchers.

Our platform includes over 20+ brain-based experiences to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and increase focus. Our product is available on mobile phone, desktop, virtual reality and metaverse to meet consumers where they are on their mental wellbeing journey.

Company Admins can log-in to our anonymized analytics platform to track usage across geo’s, department, and employee roles, as well as understand wellbeing trends.

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Customer Testimonials

“For caregivers, especially front line staff in hospitals, they often put themselves last. The challenges in healthcare continue to rise along with burnout – making mental health wellbeing a priority for us. Reulay’s platform is innovative and intriguing to staff – so it quickly grabs their attention. Not only is it effective in providing a time of peace, but it does so in a matter of minutes. It is increasingly difficult for bedside RN’s to step away to decompress. Reulay provides a practical way for staff to do that and truly breathe. Whoever expected to be able to take a break to walk in the woods or dive in the ocean without leaving the breakroom?”
– Joni Edwards, VP of HR at Southwest General Hospital

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: Yes

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, EMEA 

Notable Milestones / Awards:

  • Mayo Clinic validated

Type of Developer: VR

Type of Content: Off-the-Shelf

Device Support: Oculus / Meta, PICO

Established: 2021
Headquarters: USA

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