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Sketchbox keeps it simple, and we like simple! Their platform allows companies to create XR content without any coding needed. The best part – if you ever feel a bit lost, they’ve got expert guidance to keep things on track. Whether it’s for a marketing meeting, a design review, or even training for the defense department, Sketchbox opens up a world of collaboration. It’s like having a creative playground at your fingertips!

ArborXR Team

Notable Customers:

US Air Force, Rio Tinto, Transport Canada

Demo Available on ArborXR

Sketchbox Multi-Learner Enterprise VR Training

Device Compatibility: Meta Quest

What you’ll be able to experience in the Sketchbox Enterprise Demo VR Training app:

  • Join a Real Time Multi-learner Session in one of our demo environments.
  • Explore the world’s largest cargo plane, a C5 Galaxy, as a U.S. Air Force Loadmaster performing their pre-flight checklist.
  • Work with Molten Copper Rio Tinto’s largest copper Smelter Experience a detailed high fidelity Cath Lab See session reports and analytics.

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About Sketchbox

Sketchbox is the leading enterprise multi-learner VR training & assessment platform trusted by organizations like the US Air Force and Fortune 500 companies. The Sketchbox Platform comprises 6 plug & play building blocks that allow our customers to deliver robust and flexible training solutions across their orgs.

We’ve helped organizations in almost every sector build and implement custom VR training simulations, including health care, manufacturing, defense, and construction. If you don’t see something that matches your exact needs in our demo app – please reach out! We’ve probably worked on something similar before.

The Sketchbox Platform consists of 6 foundational building blocks that support any AR/VR application. The Sketchbox Platform is hardware agnostic, designed specifically for portable headsets. All training simulations built with the Sketchbox Platform include:

  • Sketchbox Insights: Track individual student progress, and aggregate trends from a customizable dashboard.
  • No Code Scenario Builder: Tools for non-technical people to build VR training scenarios with a few clicks.
  • Mutli-Learner Support: Allows 20+ simultaneous users to participate in the same training environment to support team collaboration. Instructors can also observe students to provide real-time feedback & coaching. With remote VR learning, your students and instructors can be anywhere.
  • AI Instruction Engine: An automatically generated individualized learning plan, created for each student.
  • User & Device Management: Easily control and manage all VR devices and users from one place.
  • Gamification Engine: The best motivational parts of gamified theory applied to your AR/VR training sim.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: Yes

Trial Period Offered: Yes

Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

Type of Developer: VR

Type of Content: Custom

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO

Established: 2017
Headquarters: USA

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