TRIPP is building a massively mindful online community, pioneering XR technologies for consumers, enterprises and clinics. Since 2018, TRIPP has been focused on advancing well-being with its award-winning ,research-informed cross-platform (VR + AR + mobile) service designed to promote mindfulness, increase creative capacity, and manage stress.
To date, the platform has delivered over 7.7 million well-being sessions in virtual reality, making it the fastest-growing XR wellness platform at a time when the need for accessible, affordable, and engaging well-being solutions has never been greater.

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Device Compatibility: Meta Quest

TRIPP is an award-winning XR wellness company that leverages AI and immersive technologies to deliver personalized mindfulness experiences for consumers, enterprises and clinics. With millions of sessions streamed globally across VR, AR and mobile, TRIPP is the fastest-growing XR wellness platform at a time when the need for accessible, affordable, and engaging well-being solutions has never been greater.

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TRIPP’s core offering consists of:

  • Award winning original and third party licensed VR experiences as well as novel mixed reality rewards
  • A mobile app for support on the go

Within TRIPPs core VR offering is a variety of experiences:

  1. Focus TRIPP Experience: uses gameplay mechanics, binaural audio, meditative reflections and beautiful visual landscapes to create a state of flow and facilitate greater present moment awareness and focus attention
  2. Calm TRIPP Experience: a more deep relaxation focused experience that incorporates hundreds of original mindfulness teachings, visual landscapes, binaural audio and breathing exercises with visualization
  3. Sleep preparation via a Drift TRIPP Experience: dreamscapes intended to prepare someone for restful sleep as well as original teachings and music from award-winning artists such as Moby
  4. Escape: A collection of 360 videos of natural wonders around the world
  5. Ascend: A collection of experiences that help us shift and open up to a new perception of reality
  6. Learn: A collection of 360 videos with teachings of different mindfulness concepts
  7. Composer, available for Calm, Focus and Drift composer allows you to choose the immersive environment and the subject of the teaching
  8. Sanctum, the mixed reality feature for Quest Devices that allows you to decorate your room with interactive AR gifts, won through using TRIPP 3 times a week
  9. Mood analytics derived from surveys based upon established psychological scales: the STAI-6, PANAS and Oxford Mood Scale

Personalization Features including the ability to upload your own life images through the free TRIPP Mobile APP, which show up at the end of Focus TRIPP experiences. TRIPP is leading the way in XR Wellness by building a mindful metaverse that is customizable and provides choices as subscribers use technology to support their mental well-being.

Additional Details

ArborXR Demo Available: Yes

Trial Period Offered: No

Regions Supported: North America, South America, APAC, EMEA, LATAM 

Notable Milestones / Awards:

  • Notable Awards:
    • Nov. 2022: Awarded as a TIME Best Invention of 2022.
    • January 2023: Awarded the Best Meditation App by Tom’s Guide for our immersive VR meditation experience.
    • February 2023: Selected as a finalist for the HealthTechX Scaleup Award.
    • April 2023: Selected a finalist for the XR Awards Best Healthcare Solution.
  • Notable Milestones:
    • Feb. 2022: Acquired the world’s first and largest VR live meditation community, “EvolVR” (now renamed “Together with TRIPP”).
    • May 2022: Entered Web3 space collaborating with Luminance launching biometric NFT experiences.
    • June 2022: Secured $11.1 M Series A extension led by BITKRAFT with participation from Qualcomm, Amazon, Mayfield and Niantic.
    • June 2022: Acquired worldbuilding platform Eden from BeardedEye, to build safe, community-driven experiences in the mindful metaverse.
    • Oct. 2022: Launched Sanctum, an AR rewards program for meditation with Drift, its sleep preparation experience.
    • November 2023: Featured on the TODAY Show.
    • January 2023: Expanded its live meditation platform to VRChat, Rec Room, Horizon Worlds, and ENGAGE. Also invested in and partnered with Equa Health to bring the company’s clinically validated sessions to VR.

Type of Developer: AR, VR

Type of Content: Custom

Device Support: HTC, Oculus / Meta, PICO

Established: 2017
Headquarters: USA

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