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About XRA Limitless Future Conference 2022

The XRA Limitless Future Conference > XR for Learning & Development brings together senior-level learning and development professionals with XR equipment and software providers to learn and experience how immersive technology is making training, learning, and talent management more efficient, effective, and economical.

The XR Association promotes the dynamic growth of the XR industry which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed-reality, and future immersive technology.

XRA is leading the way for the responsible development and adoption of XR by convening stakeholders, developing best practices and research, and advocating on behalf of our members and the greater XR industry.

The XR Association represents the broad ecosystem of the XR industry including headset manufacturers, technology platforms, component and peripheral companies, internet infrastructure companies, enterprise solution providers, and corporate end-users.

To promote responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR that foster positive societal outcomes.

The XRA promotes the dynamic global growth of the XR industry. To that end, the association fosters dialogue between public and private industry stakeholders around the world and makes education and training material available to both creators and users of the technology.

Work to educate partners, governments, researchers, and the public about XR’s potential. This includes efforts to anticipate and mitigate challenges in the responsible development and deployment of XR technology. The XRA brings together international experts across industry to collaborate on educational resources and promotion of best practices in the field.

Unite experts, researchers, developers, policy leaders, and other key stakeholders in working collaboratively on important matters that will impact the future of the XR industry. This includes the convening of working groups organized to address both near- and long-term challenges to the industry’s growth. Together, enabling the development of relevant research and guidance. They also host and participate in international discussions that shape the public discourse on XR technology.

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